234 Girls Missing In Nigeria, Lend Your Voice

Protestors march to force action over the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls of Chibok on 30 April 2014

By now, we have all heard about the missing school girls in Nigeria. Well, if you haven’t, hmmmmmm!!!. I consider myself an advocate to the female specie. My organization The Pamela Erere Foundation (PEF) alongside the lady who started the #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS campaign on twitter, Ramaa Mosley have been tweeting endlessly about this matter to keep people talking. Here’s the deal-There have been several speculations about the girls’ whereabouts, the real story behind whether or not they are really kidnapped, people being on a wild goose chase, protests on returning the girls home, etc. Whatever category you belong. Here are some reasons why the Nigerian government needs to end this foolery and get the girls home and why you are doing yourself a favor in participating in getting them home.
Boko Haram officially rule Nigeria. This is no joke. If these girls are not returned, the Nigerian government would have successfully told the terrorist group that they are untouchable and can do whatever the heck they like. First the bombings in Nyanyan park and now these girls, amidst other bombings, killings and threats. And these people still walk around like there is no government? This has got to be a joke. In the twenty first century and in a country like Nigeria, this group continues to gain momentum. The absurdity of this conversation has me even the more aggravated
The Government only care about Range rovers and mansions. Listen to this. It is not news that the Nigerian government officials acquire expensive cars and properties both in Nigeria and abroad, running into millions of dollars. In fact, people want to hold public offices not to work or help the people but rather to enrich themselves. If they would steal the county’s funds and then work when the need arose, I wouldn’t be mad, but oh no! Not getting the girls back only reaffirms what Nigerians already know. These leaders are full of s***
No one is safe in Nigeria. If those girls are not returned, every Nigerian is unsafe. I don’t care if you live in Lagos or Sokoto. I m telling you. The reason why you think you and your family cannot be next in line for this ridiculousness is beyond me. Noone in Nigeria today can boast of safety. So helping find these girls doesn’t only help their parents and families, but YOU as well. The fact that people are taking selfies and eating suya with 234 girls missing just throws be all the way off.
After nearly three weeks of having the girls missing, The Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan gave a press conference and got us even more confused.
We need photos of the girls as well as their names. I could walk past one of these girls and not even know because somehow their identity is being kept secret. Now don’t get me wrong, people have to go about their business, but if you feel that this matter does not concern you, you are very mistaken. Lend your voice in any way you can and show these terrorists that they can’t mess with none of us.
Jennifer Akporehe

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