Lupita:People’s Most Beautiful Person In The World

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We are so in love with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o because of her poise, style and elegance. She was today named the People’s most beautiful person in the world. We have decided to share this interview here, to show our African children, the younger generation, that you can get as high as you can dream, and success is not limited to a select few. See her reaction to the news in video.
Thanks for making Africa proud Lupita.

Dear Dads: Beating Your Daughters Won’t Make Them “Good” Girls

culled from written by Demetria Lucas

Just in time for April, which is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, there’s a new clip making the viral rounds of an angry black dad wailing on his child with a belt.

In a video partially titled “Father Whoops on His 13-Year-Old Daughter Dressed Like Beyoncé After Missing for 3 Days“ a scantily clad black girl is being swung around by her long hair as her father mercilessly beats her in public. The girl, who never cries or makes any noise at all, holds on to her purse and tries to protect herself. There’s a woman in the background—hopefully not the child’s mother—calling her a “bitch” and a “ho.”

Some viewers were shocked to discover that the man doing the hitting was the girl’s father. “[This] video is disturbing,” wrote one commenter. “This is a bit far. I thought it was a pimp and one of his ladies.” If I had not seen the caption before I watched the video, I would have reached the same conclusion.

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UNICEF Released Statement On The Abducted School Girls in Nigeria


UNICEF calls for immediate release of abducted school girls in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria

Statement attributable to Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF Regional Director for West and Central Africa

DAKAR, Senegal/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 16 April 2014 – UNICEF condemns in the strongest possible terms the reported abduction of some 100 school girls between 12 and 17 years old from their school hostel in Chibok Borno State on Monday night, and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

UNICEF is deeply concerned about the persistent trend of attacks on schools in Nigeria. Most recently, unidentified gunmen killed 53 children between 13 and 17 years old at the Federal Government College, Buni Yadi, Yobe State, in February.

Such brutal acts of violence are unacceptable. Attacks on schools deny children their right to learn in a safe environment and can rob them of their future. Wherever it takes place, abduction of children is a crime and illegal under international law.

Monday night’s attack on the Chibok school took place hours after over 70 people were killed in a bomb attack at a bus station in the Nyanyan neighbourhood, close to the capital, Abuja.

UNICEF expresses its deepest solidarity to all the communities affected by these horrific acts, and stands with the families of the abducted children in these difficult times. The agency calls for greater efforts to protect all children throughout Nigeria.

The Nigerian government should urgently take steps to make sure that the children are returned to their families unharmed and that they can continue their education in a safe environment.


Benefits Of Male Participation In Antenatal & Child Birth


By Dr Juliet Offiah
Women initiate antenatal care, in most cases, but the decision to continue the care is most times dependent on their spouses in our environment. The decision power of men is often grounded on cultural, religious and traditional factors, as well as the conventional view of husbands as the providers and custodians of monies. Mothers, mothers-in-law and female relatives also play an active role in the decision and choice of place for antenatal care. Continue reading

What Sex Advice Is Too Much For Your Child?

health class

I was just thinking this to myself. I know parents are constantly advised to be open to their children and talk about anything with them, including sex. Children are then made to trust their parents instead of their friends on major life issues and consult with them before making decisions. My question is this- What can or can’t be said to a child regarding this issue? What age is appropriate and how does one differentiate?
First, let me break it into the beginner and curious stages.
BEGINNER- telling your child that whenever anyone touches them in an unusual manner they should report to you, might be the best advise you can ever give your child. Children know when they are being touched in a weird way and they are usually embarrassed by it, so if you already encouraged them that it is ok to tell you? they just might. This type of conversation can start as early as you like. 4 years maybe.
CURIOUS- Children who have understood the boyfriend/girlfriend feel, the ones that have become conscious of their clothes, environment, looks? Those kids can get the conversation about sex, protection, boys, std s etc, say from age 13. They are teenagers after all and they will end up reading some trash online anyways.
Parents should refrain from telling their children about porn, oral sex, and other advanced sexual practices. That information might be too much for them and make them curious.
Overall, children should be taught to abstain from sex, but that doesn’t mean that they should not be informed. At least they can understand their bodies and not be strangers in them.
Any sex professionals reading this post? Let us know what you think.
Thanks guys


This topic was inspired by Arianna Huffington and her new book “Thrive”. I am beyond blown away by this woman. Whenever I see a hardworking woman trying to juggle her life as a career person, mother amidst other things, I am blown away. Not only am I impressed by this woman, but also by the message in this book. Her message simply put is that contrary to what people believe, money and power do not define us as successful. She insists that well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving should be incorporated into our lives.
As I have learned all of these are true. You can’t consider yourself successful when you haven’t slept in 3 days. That is depriving yourself of an important element your body needs to function.
As you pursue your dreams this week, remember that it’s more that money, power, work etc. Its more about your personal well being that makes you successful.
Agree? share your thoughts on twitter @pefhelp

Organizational Amnesia, Accountability Buddies, and Other Things I learned From Doing A Gazillion Things Simultaneously


Somehow, everyone seems to wonder how I am able to juggle all the things that I

have going on. In all honesty, I don’t know how. I have no particular plan but I can

give you a few tricks that work all the time;

First, I always have to make a list. Either on my phone, laptop, notepad or whatever.

These have to be written in order of importance of course. Then one after the other

I conquer each task. Sometimes one has to simultaneosly do alot, for example

If I need to call a partner, email another partner and then speak to potential sponsors,

I have to do all of those at the same time especially if the appointment times given

to me were so close. I can’t afford to not accept any. So as I have the new message

page up on my screen, I dial another number and pray it goes to voicemail lol.

Such days one just has to make it work.

Second, catch a nap whenever you can. Before I started doing yoga during my lunch

hours, I want the one known for napping in the car. Those power naps work like

magic and gives you the chance to zen out for a bit

Third, I ask for help. I hate asking for help but sometimes you just have to. If my

husband has a few extra hours in his day, I make sure I am using it to my advantage.

Truthfully, as long as I have to do it, I will do it. There are excuses in the real world.

Put your mind into it, be dedicated and committed, it will happen


Jennifer Mairo

PEF’s Plan To Combat Malaria With One Million Mosquito Nets For Nigerian Families

mosquito 1mosquito 2


One of the major goals of the PEF in 2014 is to help combat malaria which the

World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted as the highest cause of death in

African children. We plan to purchase 1,000,000 mosquito nets for this purpose.

In a country where the average family strives on less that $100 monthly, noone is

thinking about mosquito nets. They are simply taking their chances with this

deadly ailment, thereby putting more children at risk. PEF realises that this is a bold

undertaking but we are confident that with our supporters, donors and sponsors

this will be achieved. Make a donation by clicking the DONATE button at the top

of the page. We are grateful for all your help and contributions.

Fashion Meets Giving


pef flyer fashion

For our second annual charity fundraiser in Dallas, TX, the PEF is giving local

designers and models the chance to showcase their talent. Models can strut their

stuff and get potential client, while designers can send more customers their way.

Since the PEF is all about giving, we can GIVE these enterpreneurs the chance to

make money, while giving the poor and needy in Nigeria the chance to feed, clothe,

etc. Isn’t that amazing? The event holds in September. Specific dates and time

coming soon. Follow us on twitter @pefhelp for updates.

Thanks Guys

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