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The Pamela Erere Foundation(PEF) serves the needy in the Lagos-Ibadan.Metropolex, including other states like Delta, Edo and around the country,24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Founder/President PEF (Jennifer M Akporehe) and Director Of Operations PEF International (Geraldine Morris)

Founder/President PEF (Jennifer M Akporehe) and Director Of Operations PEF International (Geraldine Morris)

Our compassionate donors/volunteers care for and support our friends and neighbors (these helpless women and children) who face the worst moments of their lives due to poverty, death of a loved one or illiteracy. The Pamela Erere Foundation (PEF) in Lagos, Nigeria works with Pamela Erere Foundation National Headquarters in Dallas TX. and the Golden Aid Project  network to serve our neighbors down the street, across the country and around the world.Our mission at the Pamela Erere Foundation empowers people to become survivors. Through trainings and reinforcing preparedness steps, knowledge becomes action and action saves lives. Discover the Pamela Erere Foundation and the people behind the mission in our community


The founder was from a divorced home and both her and her late sister always talked about how they could help poor children and their mothers that couldn’t provide for themselves. They were always thought by their parents to be grateful for what they had and knew that not all kids could afford the day to day necessities like food, clothing etc. PEF is not just a project for the founder Jennifer M. Akporehe, but she sees it as a way of fulfilling a dream that she and Pamela once shared. It is a charity very close to her heart because of the history it carries and the meaning it has. “Pamela Erere Foundation to me is an extention of my sister; I will treat it like I would her” Jennifer M. Akporehe


IMG_4369The Pamela Erere foundation (PEF), was founded by Chairperson Jennifer Mairo Akporehe. Named after her late older sister Pamela Ereremena Emerhana who before her premature demise had a passion for helping others.


The Pamela Erere Foundation (PEF) is a non-governmental organization whose objectives are to aid five major categories of people. They include;

  • Children from divorced homes
  • Children raised by single mothers
  • Divorced women,
  • Single mothers
  • Widows


A lot of attention is focused on other areas but not everyone seems to realize the damage that this divorce/single parenting epidemic brings on us as a society. The Pamela Erere Foundation sees the exact opposite. The importance of children as the leaders of tomorrow cannot be overemphasized and with the rise in premarital births and divorce the world over, the world needs to be  informed about the hazards of this status quo. This is particularly crucial in a country like Nigeria where a single mother/ divorced woman is seen as a disgrace, Or where widows are made to fend for themselves once the bread winner of a family is demised. Not even the children in these situations are spared. They get to live with the stigma day in day out.

The Pamela Erere foundation will situate in Lagos Nigeria, with its international office in Dallas TX


IMG_4264The goal of the Pamela Erere Foundation is to provide equal love, and opportunities for every mother and child that falls into the afore mentioned categories and to end the epidemic of women and children suffering at the hands of the society due to circumstances beyond their control


The PEF helps provide basic amenities such as mosquito nets,food,clothing,shoes, bags, books, household items etc. that is donated by supporters of the charity in the United States and Nigeria. These items may be used or new and will be distributed to the needy women and children throughout the year.(This is our most popular aspect of the giving process)
Children’s fees would also be paid and for those who want to learn handwork like carpentry, tailoring, hairdressing etc. The foundation would also assist. Children would also be encouraged in extracurricular activities like sports, music, dance, art etc.

Women would be encouraged to become independent by acquiring their High School Diploma. Vocational training would also be sponsored. Once they can earn a living, they would get off the program making room for other needy people.

Mentorship classes would be held by positive role models, celebrities, public speakers etc periodically.


… a chance to love and be loved/ changing lives one mother and child at a time


Donations are highly appreciated in cash and kind.



Address gifts and make check payable to:

Pamela Erere Foundation

8 Kola amodu crescent Magodo GRA  Lagos

Phone +234 8061394733, +234 7069790324



Address; Little Elm, TX 75068 or email


We can schedule a pick up, within the United States  and Nigeria just to make it convenient for our donors.



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