Meet the Team

JENNIFER PEF FOTOJennifer Mairo Akporehe- Founder/President

Author of “Screw it, Go Ahead and Quit Cold Turkey” and “Miss Independent, Misunderstood” A blogger, whose blogs highlight major issues of life, charity, education and sometimes health and fashion, Jennifer Founded The Pamela Erere Foundation after her sister. From a divorced home herself, She believes that there is room for every woman and child to succeed and make good of their life. She believes so much in the charity and is proud of all that it represents. On PEF she says “We are committed to making a change in the life of the single mother, child, broken home widow situation, I don’t know another charity that is dedicated to just this cause, I am from there I know first hand how it feels”



Geraldine Morris- Director of Operations

Geraldine Morris is a perfectionist and go-getter. A major donor to PEF, She was inspired by the work of the PEF and was thrilled once approached to bring her expertise of over 20 years in management and communication to the table. Geraldine has dedicated her life to empowering women and educating them on the importance of education and self worth. Morris believes that we cannot wait around and expect help to come from above. She is an advocate for having a dream and pursuing it. Women need to hear this. On PEF Geraldine says “ It is so raw, real and true. Women and children leading better lives? It doesn’t get any better than this”


Barnabas Oro Akporehe- Co Founder

Entrepreneur and geologist, Barnabas is the image of hard work and dedication. When his wife decided to start PEF, Barnabas stood by her, knowing that the cause was not only personal to her but also for a great cause. Barnabas had dedicated thousands of dollars of his own resources getting the help to those that need it. On PEF he insists “giving back is part of the master plan. When God has put something in your heart, you can’t help it. If anything happened to me, with a charity like PEF, my wife and kids would have a place to go. As a man that’s refreshing. PEF is dedicated to making a difference in Nigeria and around the world, one mother and child at a time”

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