Jennifer Mairo Akporehe

Born Jennifer Mairo Emerhana, Akporehe has been writing since she was 5. She hails from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. She is born into the royal family of Emevor town, Delta State Nigeria. She is one of six children born to her Christian parents. She attended Mayflower junior and senior schools in ikenne Ogun state in Nigeria, during this time she was an active member of the press club as well as the literary and debating clubs in her school
Brown eyed Jennifer M. Akporehe became an unexpected star in her home country Nigeria after publishing her first book SCREW IT GO AHEAD AND QUIT COLD TURKEY in July of 2010.The message in the book was so real and it soon attracted the attention of movie producers in the United States and her home country Nigeria.

Akporehe grew up in an almost fairy tale childhood. She was the fourth child born to her Chartered account father Deacon Patrick Emerhana and her beautician mother Fatima Odudu. Her parents had six children at the time of their divorce. Her dad eventually remarried. Her mum never remarried but still remains a successful businesswoman in Nigeria.

Akporehe first’s show of her talent was when she wrote a school play that was acted by the senior class in primary school.(grade school)No one believed that a student in primary one(grade one) had written the school end of session play. From then on, everyone knew that she could make a career out of writing if she desired.

Akporehe is presently the chairperson of The Pamela Erere foundation. A foundation named after her late older sister that aims at aiding children from broken homes, children raised by single mothers, divorced women, single mothers and widows. She is also a translator, public speaker, poet and songwriter at Rocworld entertainment based in Miami Florida.

Jennifer auditioned for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) search for the next TV star in the year 2010.The auditions were held in several cities in the United states as the Queen of talk searched for someone that would host a new TV show on her network which would launch on January 1st of 2011.Jennifer didn’t get the opportunity but she learned from the experience and was glad that she tried out.

Employing her entrepreneurial business skills, Jennifer started on her own as a personal assistant to her business mogul/music producing husband Barnabas chipping in ideas when necessary and getting the job done as usual. She soon pursued her dream of writing, translation and speaking.

Akporehe had her first Bachelors degree in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma Nigeria.(B.A French).She speaks both French and English language fluently. In order to attend law school in the United States, she went ahead to acquire a Bachelors in Legal studies at Kaplan University knowing that the only way to get into law school is to first have a bachelor’s degree. She plans to juggle her writing , poetry and speaking with her law degree in the nearest future. Because of her astounding academic performance, she was offered membership into several academic honorary societies but she chose to join the Alpha Beta Kappa Society, of which she is a proud member
Akporehe recently completed her second book titled MISS INDEPENDENT MISUNDERSTOOD was available to the public in April of 2011.

Akporehe’s joined the face book network in June 2010 and at the end of august, she was friends with 3000 fans.
Her first book was reviewed by New York times bestselling author Enitan Bereola and Professor Terence Candell who also ran for the mayor of Oakland in the state of California. These are just a few of the reputable people that showed interest in her work.

When not working, Akporehe gives her time to charitable causes. She is an ambassador and advocate for loving and aiding children from broken homes as she knows how hard it can be.

Akporehe is a member of the Black publishers and writers association as well as the WritersNet association of writers, editors, agents and publishers.

Akporehe is married to her husband Prince Barnabas for seven years. Together they have a 5 year old Prince Andre and a 10 months old duchess Vugo as she likes to call them.

Akporehe currently makes her home in Dallas.

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