What Sex Advice Is Too Much For Your Child?

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I was just thinking this to myself. I know parents are constantly advised to be open to their children and talk about anything with them, including sex. Children are then made to trust their parents instead of their friends on major life issues and consult with them before making decisions. My question is this- What can or can’t be said to a child regarding this issue? What age is appropriate and how does one differentiate?
First, let me break it into the beginner and curious stages.
BEGINNER- telling your child that whenever anyone touches them in an unusual manner they should report to you, might be the best advise you can ever give your child. Children know when they are being touched in a weird way and they are usually embarrassed by it, so if you already encouraged them that it is ok to tell you? they just might. This type of conversation can start as early as you like. 4 years maybe.
CURIOUS- Children who have understood the boyfriend/girlfriend feel, the ones that have become conscious of their clothes, environment, looks? Those kids can get the conversation about sex, protection, boys, std s etc, say from age 13. They are teenagers after all and they will end up reading some trash online anyways.
Parents should refrain from telling their children about porn, oral sex, and other advanced sexual practices. That information might be too much for them and make them curious.
Overall, children should be taught to abstain from sex, but that doesn’t mean that they should not be informed. At least they can understand their bodies and not be strangers in them.
Any sex professionals reading this post? Let us know what you think.
Thanks guys

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