Organizational Amnesia, Accountability Buddies, and Other Things I learned From Doing A Gazillion Things Simultaneously


Somehow, everyone seems to wonder how I am able to juggle all the things that I

have going on. In all honesty, I don’t know how. I have no particular plan but I can

give you a few tricks that work all the time;

First, I always have to make a list. Either on my phone, laptop, notepad or whatever.

These have to be written in order of importance of course. Then one after the other

I conquer each task. Sometimes one has to simultaneosly do alot, for example

If I need to call a partner, email another partner and then speak to potential sponsors,

I have to do all of those at the same time especially if the appointment times given

to me were so close. I can’t afford to not accept any. So as I have the new message

page up on my screen, I dial another number and pray it goes to voicemail lol.

Such days one just has to make it work.

Second, catch a nap whenever you can. Before I started doing yoga during my lunch

hours, I want the one known for napping in the car. Those power naps work like

magic and gives you the chance to zen out for a bit

Third, I ask for help. I hate asking for help but sometimes you just have to. If my

husband has a few extra hours in his day, I make sure I am using it to my advantage.

Truthfully, as long as I have to do it, I will do it. There are excuses in the real world.

Put your mind into it, be dedicated and committed, it will happen


Jennifer Mairo

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